Local and foreign clothing brands aiming to open new shops in the north of Spain and Scandinavia.


In Taperstudio we have a great experience in retail. Our consulting work for INDITEX –ZARA, ZARA Home and Massimo Dutti- in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in collaboration with SSARK studio (Stockholm) and Marlow Ramfelt (Oslo) is our best endorsement. As consultants we have worked in 13 projects and 4 new openings, summing up more than 10.000 square meters refurbished.


– Technical inspections. Visiting premises and studying design possibilities. Special attention to regulation compliment and affections.

– Adaptation of projects to local regulations.

– Processing of licences.

– Advice and help in selecting and coordinating construction guilds.

– Advice and help in acquisition of construction materials.

– Coordination of construction work health and safety.

– Total or partial (backroom areas) design in accordance with local regulations.

– Consulting service for maintenance after the shop opening.