Real estate administrators, homeowner’s associations.


– Energy saving rehabilitations,

– Facade and roof rehabilitations.

– Accessibility works, implementation of elevators.


We offer full advice during the whole process.  We previously inform the owners about the different possible solutions, advising about the most suitable one from an aesthetic and constructive point of view. We prepare the project and we take care of site management and coordination of construction work health and safety; following all the legal requirements.

We present a project with a detailed budget -with updated market prices- that includes all the works to be done, the materials and the required workforce. This document will allow the homeowner’s association to ask for reliable budgets to different construction companies.

According to this budget, the construction companies engage to execute the detailed works in the project without a budget variation. This allows the owners to know the real cost of the works before starting, avoiding unexpected expenses. Taperstudio helps you choose the most suitable construction company for each work.

Taperstudio takes care of the site management guarantying works are done as per project and doing an independent budgeting and deadlines control.

At the end of the works we write down a certificate in order to be able to collect the applied grants.