• Etx Kabia

    Etx Kabia

    Apartment refurbishment
    Deusto (Bilbao) - 2016
    Status: Built

    Etx Kabia Apartment refurbishment Location: Deusto (Bilbao) Year: 2016 Status: Built The client wants to refurbish a 70sqm apartment from the...

  • Etx_Tosse


    Single-family house
    Tosse (France) - 2016
    Status: Under construction

    Etx_Tosse Single family-house Location: Tosse (France) Year: 2016 In collaboration with: Gloria Ariztegi, Martin G. Tolosa Status: Under construction The house is located...

  • Etx ZBL

    Etx ZBL

    Apartment refurbishment
    Deusto (Bilbao) - 2016
    Status: Built

    Etx ZBL Apartment refurbishment Location: Bilbao Year: 2016 Status: Built The clients wanted to refurbish their 100sqm apartment in order to adapt...

  • Etx Lorebeltz

    Etx Lorebeltz

    Apartment refurbishment
    Miribilla (Bilbao) - 2016
    Status: Work in progress

    Etx Lorebeltz Apartment refurbishment Location: Miribilla (Bilbao) Year: 2016 Status: Work in progress The client wants to refurbish a 90sqm apartment.  The proposal...

  • Ganbara


    Refurbishment of attic
    Deusto (Bilbao) - 2014
    Status: Built

    Ganbara Refurbishment of attic Location: Deusto (Bilbao) Year: 2014 Status: Built A “ganbara”, used for storage purposes exclusively, is turned into a...

  • Etx Barra

    Etx Barra

    Partial refurbishment of apartment
    Lezo (Gipuzkoa) - 2016
    Status: Built

    Etx Barra Partial refurbishment of apartment Location: Lezo(Gipuzkoa) Year: 2016 Status: Built The client wants to refurbish partially a 55sqm small local turned...