Real estate administrators, homeowner’s associations, private individuals, self-employed workers and companies.


The ITE is a report that assesses the three most important features of a building: state of preservation, accessibility and energy efficiency.

More than 50 years old residential housing buildings (including hotels and residences) must do ITE according to the following due dates:

  • Collective housing prior to 1967 June 27th. Due date: 2018 June 27th.
  • Collective housing after 1967 June 27th. Due date: 1 year after reaching 50 years old.
  • Hotels and residences. Due date: 5 years after reaching 50 years old.

ITE will have a validity period of 10 years.

Buildings, whose owners want to ask for Basque Autonomous Community Administration’s  public  grants with the purpose of implementing conservation, accessibility or energy efficiency improvement  works, must previously do ITE.



The building Energy Efficiency Certification is a document that describes the energy savings level (with values from A to G) a dwelling or building is able to achieve.

All owners who want to sell or rent their houses must show the new tenant or buyer the Energy Efficiency Certification of their property.

The Energy Efficiency Certification will have a validity period of 10 years.


Expert and pathology assessment reports. Inquires.


Information, advising and processing of grant applications.