Taperstudio Arkitektura

Taperstudio Arkitektura comes up in 2011 as a continent or space over which pour ideas, suggestions, concerns and reflections.

A common place or meeting point to operate at multiple levels and scales. From minor reforms and renovation works to landscaping and master-planning projects. Since the interest in creating and avant-garde architecture for each project we try to set the best team possible by combination of partners.

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Jon Ander Azpiazu Juaristi 

Born in Bilbao in 1984.  Basque Country University’s architect since 2009.  Jon also studied  in Florence (Univesitâ Degli Studi), Barcelona (UPC) and Madrid (UEM), where he did the Master in Advanced Technics for Architectonic Projects. He has also collaborated with different architecture and engineering studios such as VAUMM (Donostia), SSARK (Stockholm), ARUP (Madrid) and ACXT-IDOM (Bilbao).



Ane Garai Goikoetxea Born in Bilbao in 1991. Basque Country University’s architect since 2016.