Zumaia urban elevator

Zumaia urban elevator

Zumaia urban elevator

Public urban elevator between Gurrutxaga square and San Juan nursing home

Location: Zumaia (Gipuzkoa)
Year: 2017
In collaboration with: VAUMM
Status: First prize, in progress

Competition’s proposal consists in installing a public urban elevator using an existent structural core in a housing building, together with generating two footbridges at different levels that, flying from elevator’s core, reach the different spaces.

Design’s main features are lightness and transparency. And so it is, so as to guaranty citizen’s safety and in order to let as much as natural light to get into the public space.

Footbridges and the rest of the waiting areas around the elevator have been generously sized among the constraints of the urban space. This way, walking through those spaces will become natural and comfortable, considering the current problems and narrow circumstances the neighbourhood suffers regarding public space and mobility. The footbridges will turn into urban balconies with new visuals over Zumaia that will enhance the interest of walking along the new structures.

In the proposal public space’s quality matters first, even more in such an specific context. For that reason a stepped square has been designed, with terraces orientated towards the visual openness that appears in the compact neighborhood. Indeed, this terraces together with wide stair flights, allows connecting the two levels of San José street while preserving the privacy of the dwellings. The lower level, under the square, hosts an open public parking, while sidewalk gains wideness to compensate the narrowness of the street.




15 junio, 2017