Single family-house

Location: Tosse (France)
Year: 2016
In collaboration with: Gloria Ariztegi, Martin G. Tolosa
Status: Under construction

The house is located in a small plot of 500sqm in Tosse, Aquitaine. The clients, a couple and their two children, are looking for a comfortable home, a place to enjoy the family life.

The piece is developed in a single floor and with direct contact to the exterior; this enhances the wideness sensations. Indeed, it has a garage, a swimming-pool and green space. The servant areas -toilets and warehouse- are situated to the north, so the house gives its back to the road, while the main rooms -bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room- look south. The two-slope roof, more than 4 meter high, allows natural light enter into the corridor and dignifies the main space.

Project’s simple volumes reflect the interior display of the house and answer to the context and local regulations. Facades continuity is interrupted at the entrances with “nibbles” in wood.

The orientation of the house, together with high performance insulation, guaranty its energetic efficiency.



15 enero, 2015