Covering of a playground

Location: Hernani, Gipuzkoa
Year: 2017
Status: Second prize

The proposal tries to enable year round use of the playground, no matter the weather conditions. Indeed, it aims to open the playing area to its surroundings intensifying the enjoyment of the green areas. Finally, the project tries to enhance the porch area of the dwellings situated in the south as potential city makers.

Covering’s design answers to usage and integration into surroundings. According the usage, on the one hand the proposal tries to avoid the presence of columns in the playing area, triggering a free, wide and save space. On the other hand, benches are located staring into that playing area while protected from rain and wind.

The project takes into account children’s imaginary, as they will be the main user of the space. In that sense, two elements appear which kids can easily identify: the tree and the house. The first one related to nature and leisure. The second one linked to warmth and placidity.




14 enero, 2015