Errebal urban elevator

Errebal urban elevator

Errebal urban elevator

Public urban elevator between Muzategi and Jardiñeta streets

Location: Eibar (Gipuzkoa)
Year: 2017
In collaboration with: VAUMM
Status: Execution project

In cities natural development towards sustainability, accessibility plays a key role. It becomes an opportunity to trigger social cohesion and integration in all society’s segments.

The proposal aims to solve Jardiñeta neighborhood’s accessibility issue, linking it to the new Errebal complex and to the city center.

The new elevator tries to get integrated into the urban landscape minimizing its impact through scale, shape and position.

Structure’s lightness and the strategic position of the footbridges, far from the housing buildings, try to preserve dwellings intimacy. At the same time, tower’s and accesses’ transparency guaranty user’s safety.

Material durability and low maintenance requirements have been important for the choice of materials and constructive solutions.


14 enero, 2015