New office for Arquia

Location: Donostia (Gipuzkoa)
Year: 2014
In collaboration with: Laida Juanikorena Agirre
Status: Competition

Competition to transform an abandoned retail space into a new idea of open and resilient bank branch. This bank branch ”Arquia” was at first created exclusively for architects use, however with this upcoming new office location the branch will be opened to everyone.

Different shape, function and size wooden elements create the new environment into a sober and minimal canvas. Those elements start from the waiting area bench to the inside garden which opens from the basement level to the ground level, connecting and working together with the outside.

Apart from the material and colour simplicity required in an office, those box shaped wood elements will add additional qualities such as confort and warmth, which are also enhanced by the use of interior plants.



11 enero, 2015