Andra Mariko Plaza

Andra Mariko Plaza

Andra Mariko Plaza

Andra Mari square refurbishment

Location: Morga, Bizkaia
Year: 2016
Status: Competition

Long time ago Andra Mari square was a melting pot. A place for concerts, txosnas, rural sport exhibitons, afternoons with fronton, child running around, learning how to ride a bike or doing their first mischiefs. Santiago, Santa Ana… Nowadays, however, we are in front of a obsolete and degraded space, non-accessible; a place lacking its own character. A central space that has lost its square condition, turned, in best case scenario, into a crossing path.

The proposal tries to bring back Andra Mari square’s centrality.  First step would be to get it closer to its surroundings. Erasing the limits is considered as crucial, working with the square and its surroundings as a continuous space. Special attention is paid to border’s treatment, summing up each of the bordering elements (inferior road with bars and restaurants, access towards the church and the kit, fronton, city hall, Atheltic street and the new dwelling expansion area as per PGOU), so access to the square is direct and fluid and we feel surrounded by the new space.

The project  would pursue bringing back square’s identity. For that, new interrelated nested spaces would be generated as a response to the current use-lacking “void”.  Identity’s recovery would be based on keeping and enhancing the pre-existences (“idi probak” and terraces area,  scene’s refurbishment) as new activity generators.




13 enero, 2015